Project Description

Nic-App Music. Radio Stations. Dance. Pop. Rock.

The best ▪music▪ radiostations.Dance.Pop.Rock.Hindi.DnB and many other styles.

The best ▪music▪ radiostations. ✴Dance. ✴Pop. ✴Rock. ✴Hindi. ✴DnB and many other styles.

✅ Download this ▪free music player▪ and listen to music anywhere you are ▪.

✅ This is a free music app. Has a list updated constantly of radios stations. This radio app is a free music player and free music app.

✅ You can send ✉mails to developer✉ in order to add you favorite streaming radio stations to radio station list.

Currently with more than 300 music stations grouped in categories such as Alternative, Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Dance, Disco, Drum and Bass, Hindi, Jazz, New Age, New Wave, Pop, Rap, Reggae, Techno, Trance, and more.

Disponible en Google Play